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commun-iT is the leading IT industry portal in Australia.  It is the place where the Australian IT industry goes to do business.  commun-iT is owned and operated by Maat Solutions Pty Ltd.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the skills, knowledge and profitability of IT suppliers through providing IT portal communities where IT buyers and sellers can meet to conduct business, learn about the industry and connect.  We do this by building portals that are specifically designed to attract everyone who is connected with the IT industry in Australia, providing them with IT business information, tools that they can use in their business, access to professionals and industry experts who have a passion for the IT industry, and get them connected.  We all know that having a great network of people "in the know" is a great way to win deals and secure new clients.

We use our portals to connect the leading IT industry associations, IT companies, suppliers to the IT industry and governments, to share leads, opportunities, information and expertise that are needed to develop a thriving IT industry in Australia.

Our Services is the portal for the entire IT industry and is designed to be the place where the IT industry goes to do business in Australia.  commun-iT features an IT industry blog with a host of IT industry experts providing critical information to help IT business grow and to be more profitable; a series of directories and capability registers enabling IT suppliers and contractors to promote their companies and their product and services, as well as enabling providers to the IT industry (such as lawyers, accountants, marketers, office supplies outlets, travel agencies etc) to advertise and connect with the IT industry. 

Giving Back

At Maat Solutions we believe in community.  We believe that a network of business connections is critical to the success of any business, and that participation in industry associations, industry events and online communities promotes business, improves professionalism within the industry and ultimately leads to more, and more profitable, business.  Participating is also fun.

In the same vein we believe that a strong community is the foundation of a vibrant, stable and safe social environment.

As part of Maat Solutions’ commitment to the community, we will give 10% of the subscription fees that are paid for directory entries in commun-iT back to community causes in Australia.  This may be through donations to charities or through donations or grants to other community groups, whether registered charities or not.

How to receive funding for your community group

If you are involved in an Australian charity, group or association that provides a community benefit and you would like to receive funding from commun-iT, please contact us using the Giving Back Form and let us know about your group, how it supports the local community and what you need the funding for.  Obviously, we won’t be able to meet everyone’s requests, but we will be pleased to help where we can.

So if you represent a local kids’ AFL club and the players need some new kit, or you represent a local soccer club and the goal nets need replacing, or you have a youth group and want to fund a program of activities for a group with special needs, please contact us and we will see if we can help.  These are the types of community-based activities that commun-iT would like to support.

Would you like to give back to the community too?

And of course if you like the idea of giving back to the community, and would like to help commun-iT, then please let us know using the Giving Back Form. 

You could help by donating your time or products or services to a community group, e.g. donating items that could be used as raffle prizes for a community group, or we are sure you can think of many other ways to help.  If you can and want to help just let us know, and we will see if we can match your donation to a good community cause. 
And to keep this simple, this should be thought of as a simple contribution to a community cause, rather than an “official marketing program that is part of a corporate program”.  We don’t intend to ask for any brand recognition or official “sponsorship/branding” in return.  Please think of this as simply helping the community for the sake of helping a good cause. 

We Australians are good at that.  Just remember the generosity that was shown for the Victorian Bush Fires, the Queensland floods or the Christchurch earthquake.

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