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We have the largest database of Australian IT Suppliers that is available on an IT industry specific portal, with over 7000 companies listed in 25 Product and Service categories. 


Tips For Searching

The Best Way to Search

The best way to search is to select the Product/Service category, your Postcode, set the Distance to 100km and then hit the search button.  If you want to narrow your search just reduce the distance from your Postcode.

Your Search Results 

To make sure you get a focussed result we have limited the search results to 25 entries.  And if you can't find what you want in the 25 entries, try reducing the Distance and search again.

In order to bring you the most accurate and comprehensive search capability the commun-iT IT Suppliers Directory has more than 400 categories and sub-categories of Product and Service, as well as numerous other criteria that you can use to search for your ideal supplier.  However, as this is a new service, there are a number of data fields that are not yet completed by ICT Suppliers, and so the search features on these fields may return few, if any, results.  This will change rapidly as IT Suppliers upgrade their subscriptions to Bronze/Silver or Gold level subscriptions over the next few months. The fields that are effected are:
  • second and third level sub-categories within each Product or Service Category
  • target market
  • specific competencies, such as NBN Ready, Green IT, Government Business, Open Source and Export
  • membership of Industry Associations and Channels.
But don't worry, it won't be long until the full power of our comprehensive database is ready for use.  We'll keep you posted!

Until then you will be able to search the 7,000+ IT Suppliers using the 25 Product and Service categories, so you should find what you want anyway!

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