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Why commun-iT

Benefits of commun-iT

commun-iT is Australia’s leading IT industry specific portal.  It is the place where the IT industry goes to do business.

commun-iT is designed to attract tens of thousands of visitors to the site to buy IT products and services, to be informed about the IT industry, to learn how to improve their IT businesses and to make their IT businesses more profitable.
So if you want:

  • buyers to find you
  • to sell your products and services
  • to keep up to date with what is going on in the IT industry
  • to find out what your competitors are doing
  • to learn how to improve your skills or your business’ profitability
  • to take advantage of hot deals and offers,

then you should be visiting commun-iT regularly, using its many services and subscribing to the appropriate directory.

Get High Quality Leads: Join a Directory

There are four directories at the heart of commun-iT, each designed to enable directory entrants to provide a detailed description of their products or services so that buyers can quickly find the right suppliers for them.  Our directories enable the entrants to include not only the usual details that identify the company and a brief description of their products and services, but also allow the entrants to register their core capabilities, skills and competencies.  They are also able to describe their target markets, reseller/channel partnerships and key demographic information.  This level of detail can be rapidly entered into commun-iT using check boxes, and if you already have your brief “Sales Pitch” on your company and products and services, you will be able to complete your entry within a few minutes.

By providing this level of detail, those searching for your products and services will be able to find you more easily, as the searches can be more detailed.  So you are more likely to get more qualified, higher-quality leads from people who are looking for exactly what you sell.

Choose your Directory

commun-iT has four directories:

1. IT Suppliers  - for benefits and pricing 

2. IT Contractors/Sole Traders  - for benefits and pricing 

3. Providers to the IT Industry - for benefits and pricing 

4. Industry Associations and Groups - for benefits 

Each of the first three directories has several levels of subscription available, with each level of subscription providing increased benefits and features.  The directory for Industry Associations and Groups is free.


Join our panel of Experts for the commun-iT blog

Do you have expertise that you think would benefit the IT industry in Australia?

We are looking for bloggers who can provide regular blogs on commun-iT.  Our Panel of Expert Bloggers need to be recognised as experts in their field and be passionate about the IT industry.  We want you to be able to add real value to commun-iT visitors through the blog (and not use the blog as a direct “sales channel”!).  
These fields may include subjects such as:

  • Innovation in IT
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • IT gadgets/products
  • Industry development
  • NBN
  • Open source development
  • Green IT
  • Funding for IT companies, Angels/VCs etc
  • IT business development

So if you are interested, and can commit to post at least 1 blog and host a 2 hour Expert Blogger workshop online every month, please  

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