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IT Forum Gold Coast commences ICT industry capability study

Friday, July 08, 2011
The IT Forum Gold Coast (ITFGC) have completed a review of proposals received for undertaking a study of the Gold Coast’s ICT industry and are happy to announce MAAT Solutions Pty Ltd (MAAT) as one of the key consultants to commence the majority of the project. In conjunction with MAAT, Doug Baumber has been chosen for his knowledge and experience to provide telemarketing activities associated with the project..

ITFGC acknowledges the high standard of proposals received, all of which were capable of delivering to our requirements however, MAAT’s proposal included a number of distinct advantages in view of work they already have in progress, doing much the same as what the Forum is requiring.

The accepted proposal is based on a joint venture between MAAT and ITFGC whereby the Forum will utilise the infrastructure in place for an initiative by MAAT who are creating “commun-iT” which is a portal being developed for IT service providers across Australia.

MAAT have been engaged to deliver the following:

To create an extensive database of ICT businesses on the Gold Coast which will identify contact details, skill levels of existing staff, business capabilities and their specific industry sector (for example Cloud computing, software development, programmer etc). To create an on-line business directory of the Gold Coast ICT industry showcasing their capabilities To survey the businesses assessing their capacity to provide on a range of services, the nature of the business and its market, short and long term focus areas of the businesses as well as other information that would otherwise assist in measuring the overall capability of the ICT Industry in the region. Whilst public information about the businesses will be jointly available in separate directories at both ITFGC and commun-iT, survey data will be collected in accordance with the Privacy Act and will only ever be released or published in an aggregated form so as to not identify individuals.

In line with the agreements the Forum has with the Gold Coast City Council and Qld State Government as sponsors of this project, data collected on businesses and their products and services will be provided so as to update their own databases (such as the state wide ICT Directory for Qld) for industry promotion and development purposes.

The Forum itself will make this data available through a portal on its own website, which will include a fully indexed ICT Business Service Directory, providing details of ICT capabilities for the region and promotion of individual businesses in and around the Gold Coast.

This is the most extensive study ever undertaken of this significant industry group in the region with an estimated 800+ ICT businesses in the region.

Initial information gathering by MAAT will utilise email marketing, social networks and press coverage to be followed by targeted telemarketing by the Forum itself.

The project is an ITFGC initiative that has been funded by the Economic Development branch at GCCC through Business Gold Coast and a contribution from the Qld State Government.

It will be managed by the Forum’s deputy Chairman, Greg Tomkins, who last year managed a similar study of Southport businesses conducted by the Southport Chamber of Commerce.

Michael Blumenstein, as Chairman of the IT Forum Gold Coast says ”The ICT Capability Directory will be a tremendous asset to the ICT Industry on the Gold Coast. Once completed, it will map out the landscape of our industry and provide the IT Forum, the Gold Coast City Council and State Government with insights on how best to maximise the base of ICT businesses in our region to effect economic growth in the long-term”.

The project has already commenced and the major part of providing systems and processes are already in place with the information gathering phase targeted for launch on the Gold Coast in the early part of June.

Author: Greg Tomkins, deputy chair of ITFGC
Original article available on itforumgoldcoast.com.au/

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